Strainer is one of the indispensable devices on medium transportation pipeline. It's usually installed on the input end of pressure reducing valve, pressure release valve, level control valve or other equipment. It's used to Strainer impurities in medium. It can Strainer rust, sand in sewage, small amount of solid particles in liquid and other impurities to protect normal operation of valve and equipment. Working principal: when fluid enters Strainer cartridge equipped with Strainer screen, the impurities are blocked, and clean filtrate is drained through Strainer outlet. For cleaning, just need to take the removable cartridge out and install it again after treatment.

Basket Strainer

It's called basket strainer for its basket-shape strainer screen which is different from other screens. 1. Basket strainer is applied in pipeline for oil and other liquid to filter sundries in the pipeline. The area of its filtration sling is 2-3 times bigger than area of bore size pipeline. 2. Basket strainer is mainly composed of adapter, cartridge body,strainer basket, flange, flange cover and fasteners etc. 3. The sundries in liquid in the pipeline is collected to the filter screen by strainer when liquid flow through the stra..

Y-Pattern Strainer

1. The strainer is called Y-Pattern Strainer as its strainer screen and valve body form a sharp angle like the letter "Y". 2. Y-Pattern Strainer is usually composed of valve body, double-layer stainless steel filter screen as well as seal washer. 3. The core part of filter is strainer screen which is composed of strainer screen frame and stainless steel wire. 4. Y-Pattern Strainer is a product that separates solid particles from fluid, improves purity of product, and guarantees equipment safety...

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